Fresh Meat

McCandless, PA

Welcome to Tom Fridays Market, a locally owned and operated gourmet grocery store offering prime meats, all natural beef, produce, and groceries. Since we opened our doors in 1955 we created a place for our customers to be able to come in and find out more about what beef selections are better and what meals they fit better with. We are one of the only stores in the Pittsburgh area to have fresh, hanging sides of beef. So if that is something that you are interested in, than you are in the right place!

Our local, gourmet grocery store has pretty much everything you need for a delicious meal, for some snacks, or swing in to pick up your lunch! We carry fresh produce, full selection of meats, and many different grocery items to choose from.g a party Many of our customers often say, T.G.I.S.F- Thank Goodness I Shop Friday's!

If you take a moment and stop in our local shop you can spend some time with a butcher and find out what cuts of meat have the most flavor, what the marbling means to a cut of all natural beef, and which cuts serve better for certain meals. For example, chuck is great for pot roast and ground beef where the short loin area is best for t-bones and tenderloin steaks. We have a very knowledgeable staff that can help our customers select the right cuts for their needs. SO when you are searching for the best deli near me, remember to stop in at Tom Fridays Market. We also provide, and have done so for over 50 years, is home delivery of our customer orders. Sometimes it is just too hard to get out and we understand that, so for a very small fee we will bring our local gourmet grocery store items to you!

If you are hosting a get together or company event we offer catering services that really do take the stress out of serving food and cooking! For more information please visit our website or just stop by our grocery store and deli near McCandless, PA. We look forward to meeting all of our customers!